Mission statement and values


Wendre is a trusted, global textile producer. Wherever we do business, we act as a responsible, community player. The environment and energy-efficiency are immediate priorities in all our markets.


To be Europe’s top home textile producer through the creation of a learning, flexible and innovative organization.


Wendre develops, produces, and sells home textiles in accordance with the needs of our clients, legal-, regulatory and our own ethical requirements.

We are client focused. We consider the user’s perspective in product development and make products in strict accordance with customer requirements . Wendre is flexible in service  – we can respond quickly to change measures, materials, stitches, threads, packages, logistic options, etc.

We motivate our staff. We constantly share information, provide the best working conditions possible, educate and train our people and provide a motivating work environment.

We challenge our partners. Wendre seeks and cherishes innovation. We are strict about meeting contractual obligations, value long-term, loyal relationships and give priority to environmentally friendly technologies.

We value the environment. Wendre creates minimum waste and uses environmentally sustainable technologies. We gather, sort, and handle all production waste according to strict requirements. We are keen to meet all hazardous matter handling and usage and fire safety requirements.

We respect our workforce. We never obstruct the formation of trade unions and workers’ rights to make decisions regarding their employment. We never employ child- and forced labor. Wendre steers clear of discrimination and treats all the employees as equals.

We are socially responsible. Wendre supports the local community. We cherish and protect the environment;

  • cooperate with educational and cultural institutions;
  • support the weaker members of society.

We are ethical in business.

Wendre works in accordance with current laws, regulations, rules, and business policies. We do not engage in non-competition agreements, cherish our reputation as an honest, reliable and responsible enterprise. We avoid corruption and extortion nor do we pay or accept bribes. Wendre practices good relations with clients, peer enterprises, our workers, and the public. We are impartial and non-partisan, support and respect internationally accepted human rights.


Wendre is aware that success built on the growth of consumption comes with a price. That’s why we ask of every potential investment: Is it environmentally sustainable? Only a positive answer is met with action.

A good example was the opening of our new factory in Pärnu, Estonia in 2005. It was built in accordance with the strictest requirements of the ISO 14001 environment management and quality standard.

We’ve invested heavily to save on factory heating, and equipment is acquired with low power consumption in mind. Heating and lighting systems are “smart” and minimize energy use. We have begun to use live monitoring of major power consumers  to develop optimal working cycles.