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Blanketing the world in 80 years — The Wendre story

  • 1935

    A linen farmers cooperative opens a factory in the small town of Vändra, Estonia.

  • 1940

    Linen, the Gold of the North, is processed and the long thread exported with great profit to Britain and Germany.

  • 1965

    The original IM–1800 machine is launched to produce novel non-woven carpeting and lining materials.

  • 1971

    Mistra finds its way to the 1971 Paris Air Show on the floors of TU-144 – the Soviet answer to the Concorde.

  • 1978

    Mistra’s market stretches from the Arabian peninsula to the Caribbean.

  • 1985

    Mistra employs over 500 people in its Vändra factory.


  • 1993

    The production of blankets and pillows starts. The company is called Wendre.


  • 1996

    Peter Hunt acquires shares of Wendre and establishes trade routes across Europe.


  • 1998

    WenFom, a Wendre subsidiary, launches a styrofoam line.


  • 2001

    ISO 9001, the quality management certificate granted.

  • 2003

    Wendre acquires Bergs Polydyn, Björn Sellen, Bema Bedline and Bema Quilting in Sweden.


  • 2005

    A new factory is built in Pärnu. Production facilities are acquired in Wuxi, China. Wendre qualifies for ISO 14001, the environmental management certificate.


  • 2006

    In Kostrzyn, Poland a new division – Wendre Poland – starts manufacturing of quilts and pillows with the focus on German, Austrian and Swiss markets.


  • 2007

    Bema Norden AB and Bema Quilting AB unite to form Wendre Scandinavia AB – the Scandinavian sales unit.


  • 2008

    Wendre GmbH, the German sales branch starts its operation in Frankfurt-am-Main

  • 2009

    Stram AB, a bed producer, joins the group. Production is moved to Pärnu, Estonia.


  • 2010

    Ernst & Young and the Estonian Business School names Peter Hunt the Enterpreneur of the Year. Wendre wins the Estonian Exporter of the Year Award.


  • 2011

    Wendre reuses 95% of the production offcuts – which gets it the Estonian Recycler of the Year Award. The purchase of Style Station Garden AB introduces garden furniture to our portfolio.


  • 2012

    Wendre is recognised by the Estonian Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Index.


  • 2014

    42010 blankets and pillows are given to newborns across Estonia during 2012-2014


  • 2014

    Tarmel Furniture is acquired, expanding the product range from bedding to beds and mattresses. The yearly turnover exceeds € 100 million.

  • 2014

    Wendre’s owner bought Familon, one of the biggest producers of bedding and mattresses in Finland. A chain of Familon stores in the Baltic states and Russia marks the entry into retail.

To be continued …