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Wendre offers a full range of services, from product development to production, storage and delivery. Our strict quality, environmental standards and reliable partner network guarantee on-time fulfillment of every order.

Production. We use the most modern technology to ensure high production volumes at high quality. Constant development coupled with innovative machinery enables flexibility in both manufacturing and packaging, with automation allowing lower price points.

Product development. Wendre’s in-house development teams create products that meet the highest international quality standards. We are constantly working on making our production even more effective and to create new and exciting products. In addition to quilts and pillows we also supply medical products , infant and children’s products, ergonomic products, mattresses, duvets, pillow cases, and more.

Wendre patterns. The bulk of our production is snow  white, but there are some distinctive colorful spots. Our designers are constantly adding to our signature line of printed patterns, as well as new stitched patterns. There is a selection of young and trendy products, expect some new romantic and kids collections.

Marketing. Wendre offers full support to develop packages, messages, and designs for your consumer. No need to hire a marketing agency; Wendre can work the solution out with You.

Private labels. Wendre is ready to produce items bearing your brand or selection of brands. If your existing product portfolio needs extension, our product development team can work with you to create the best add-ons. You provide the brand message, identity, and marketing support; Wendre handles production and delivery.