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22 Jan EST


Wendre was awarded with Silver level

On the 22nd of January the Minister of Entrepreneurship, Liisa Oviir, announced the laureates of Estonian Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Index 2015 – Wendre was awarded with Silver level for the second year in a row.

We are really happy that so many Estonian companies have taken corporate sustainability and responsibility issues into focus. It shows that our community is moving into the right direction and Wendre has a great part in this process.

This year there were more nominees than ever, but the list of awarded companies was shorter, so we can be even more proud of the Silver level achievement.

Responsible Business Forum in Estonia is a non-profit organisation with an aim of furthering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Estonian society through being the centre of competence building and communication on CSR. Responsible Business Forum is a partner in the CSR360 Global Partner Network.

You will find more information about the organisation here.